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Learn the Joy of Horseback Riding!

Come join Cindy's Fun Riding Lessons and experience the joy of horseback riding! Our workshops are designed to help you learn how to safely ride a horse, as well as how to properly care for and maintain the health and welfare of horses. Come discover the unique bond between horse and rider, and experience the physical and mental benefits of teamwork through horsemanship.


Here you will find a list of the services we can provide, and the available hours for our horsemanship classes, starting mid-August. Keep an eye here for changes!

Blue Ridge Academy Students:

Sign up soon to reserve your saddle! Sessions will be running tentatively, Mondays and Tuesdays, with morning or evening sessions available. Sessions are 2 hours in length, and are $65 per session.

Mornings: 8am to 10am

Evenings: 4pm to 6pm

Why these hours?

The Summer months can be rough! Outdoor activities can be exhausting during the heat of the day, so the best times for horseback riding and training is best accomplished when it's cooler, i.e., mornings and evenings.

Hours and days are tentative, as mentioned above, and are subject to change, based on any feedback we receive from you, should you decide to join the team... So please reach out to us; we'll be happy to address any questions you may have! Each weekly session is 2 hours long.

Horseback Lessons

Applicants are welcome to join the Blue Ridge Academy students and benefit from the same experience and training! Though once their schedule is fixed, those will be the hours for that session. More flexible one-on-one sessions are also available, though on an hourly basis at $65 per hour.

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